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by | Jul 1, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Adelaide’s last game at Adelaide Oval was June 4th. That’s two days short of a full month between home games. Can you imagine what would happen if they made Richmond wait that long for a game at the MCG? I think Jack Riewoldt would actually cease to exist. He’d just evaporate into dust on day 26.

Mercifully for the AFL, it doesn’t matter how long they make Adelaide fans wait for a home game because they seem not to like their own club very much anyway.

Lachlan Murphy was selected this week. Which is evidently very, very bad. I’m only thankful Nicks didn’t pick Matt Crouch. God knows what they would’ve done to him.

Trademark Adelaide supporter petulance aside, there is a game on at Adelaide Oval this Saturday at 4:05pm. Naturally, it should unfold much like it did last year. Adelaide will play inexplicably well, take the win, and then the Victorian media will forensically analyse the final two minutes to find a reason why they don’t deserve it.

Rucking Hell

Max Gawn is a confirmed out for Melbourne. As this goes to print, the Twitter rumour mill is ablaze with reports that Luke Jackson will also be a late out. That could prove to be a real pain in the premiership winning arse for the Dees. Who does it leave to ruck? Brown? Tomlinson? Will we receive a note asking to borrow Kieran Strachan for the night?

Whatever the case, if Jackson does go out, that should mean our mids get a decent look at it in the middle and at ball ups. Assuming, of course, that it’s not stolen out of their hands by Clayton Oliver’s 99-year contract extension.

Back to Front

Melbourne has unashamedly built premiership success on midfield dominance and a zone of suppression created by the backline – namely Lever and May. Its only weakness is an underwhelming forward line, Pickett being the obvious but only exception. Conversely, Adelaide lacks speed and polish in the middle and its backline has been at best disorganised for the majority of this year. Its only weapon is their newly functional forward line.

So Oliver and Petracca will humiliate Adelaide in the middle but an in-form Tex and Fog combination should keep Lever and May busy for the most part. Thus, the game will come down to something Adelaide is actually reasonably good at – scores from turnover. If Smith, Dawson, Doedee and Butts can control the air, pick a few off and send it forward with some haste and purpose, a rushed Melbourne backline might struggle. It’s a long shot, but it might just work.  

In Adelaide’s favour there will be the regular breaks Lever takes to comb his moustache and check his bank account.


Do It For Knuckles

Neil Kerley’s passing has left me thinking about how bloody mad I am at the AFL for killing State of Origin to satiate their own insecurity. The state jumper meant everything to King Kerley. He quite literally bled for it. No ten year multi-million-dollar contracts back then. Pride was the only prize.

Neil loved footy. He loved South Australia and the Adelaide Football Club. Irrespective of what the club does at the stadium to pay tribute, if the team really wants to do him proud, then Matthew Nicks needs to hang an SA state jumper up in the rooms and remind his players that that is what their own jumper is based on. The concept of playing for the jumper isn’t a popular one at West Lakes. But it should be this weekend. That’s the only way to honour Neil. Show him the club he helped build remembers the principles it was founded on.  

In many ways, playing against the oldest Victorian team this weekend is fitting. In more ways than one, this game isn’t AFL. It’s city v city, state v state. That’s how Knuckles would want it. And you can bet he and EJ will be watching the game together from upstairs.  

King Kerley wears the SA jumper with pride

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