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by | Jun 22, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Kane Cornes has once again made a fool of himself this week, suggesting that Ben Keays gave Adelaide teammate Taylor Walker a lesson in how to answer questions in the media.

Keays was a guest on SEN SA Breakfast on Wednesday morning, and was provoked about coach Matthew Nicks’ comments following Adelaide’s loss to Gold Coast last Saturday.

Nicks said, “We’ve lost our confidence, our ability to trust each other and just play the way we want to play consistently,” on FiveAA on Monday.

“So we’re not really entertaining our members and giving them much to cheer about unfortunately and we’ve got to find a way to get out of it.

“We felt like we’ve had some pretty good form throughout this season, being its varied, but of late we found ourselves struggling in a couple of areas (including) converting in front of goal which has now led to really losing confidence all around the ground with our execution and our connection piece.”

When asked about it in a weekly sponsored spot on Triple M, Taylor Walker said, “I find it hard to swallow that we’ve lost trust in each other, I don’t think that’s the case … I’m in his corner that our execution is not at the level and we’ve got to continue to work on that … I still think we believe in the process and we’re heading in the right direction, we’re just not getting the results at the moment.”

Asked a similar question by Cornes, Keays said, “We’ve done a lot of work on that over the year where we’re 18 men in defence and in offence … That’s how I saw that comment. I just thought we went into our shells a little bit, played within ourselves which can happen when a team puts the heat on you, and Gold Coast certainly put the heat on us.”

In a trademark attempt to whip up relevancy for himself, Cornes somehow managed to ascertain from that that Walker was being divisive and didn’t understand Nicks, but that Keays did. The irony of Cornes accusing Walker of being divisive while being intentionally divisive himself notwithstanding, it’s an incredibly long bow to draw.

Cornes criticised Walker’s readiness for his media responsibilities, which smacks of jealousy that Walker Triple M an honest and revealing answer, the kind that usually delights media outlets and has endeared Tex to the fans for years. In contrast, Keays gave Cornes nothing but a boring scripted response, so he had to go back to his well – abusing Taylor Walker – to generate any attention for himself and his program.

Cornes little tirade on Wednesday morning sounded like a child in the schoolyard saying, “Yeah, well, my interviewee was better than yours. And yours is a dummy anyway.”

Listen here:

Kane Cornes on SEN Breakfast with Kane and Hayesy, Wednesday 22/6/2022

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